November 07, 2010

VH1 Save the Music

VH1 Save The Music Foundation On this Monday, PS58 school orchestra is going to the VH1 Save the Music Gala! And I am part of the orchestra!!! Famous people will be there! I'm playing in front of almost 700 people!!!!!
I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo scared!!!
But what an honor! People are paying THOUSANDS of dollars just to see us play! Well, not just us, of course, but our orchestra is fetured on the manual! AHHHHHH I'm so scared!
We have practicing OVER and OVER and OVER, but it's well worth it. VH1 GALA!! VH1 gives schools like mine instruments. They are super awesome to school because they "save" music programs in schools. It's like their job.
I play the viola, and the two songs we are playing are "My Favorite Things" and "Dance of the Tumblers". It's kind of funny that we are playing "My Favorite Things" from the movie "The Sound of Music", when JULIE ANDREWS, the JULIE ANDREWS is going to be there!!!!!!
JULIE ANDREWS is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For more info on VH1 Save the Music, go to

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  1. I was so awesome to be part of the VH1! I loved it! I missed school :) That was the really awesome part.! Keep on writing! Although I think they should have put everyone's name on the program manuel! But it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!