March 06, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Yesterday, it was my mom's birthday, so I went with my mom to the knitting store to pick out some nice yarns. The store was closed, so we walked to the "paper store" which is basically a crafter's dream store. It has crafting books, paper of all shapes and sizes, wrapping paper, cute erasers, cardboard letters, notebooks, you name it. That's one place that I love shopping at. We bought a small notebook for me and some small drawing things for my mom, and then we went back to the knitting store. By that time, it was open, so I picked out a beautiful orange yarn for her. Then we went back home.
Later on, we went to Juniors, and waited 45 minutes to take a seat. Although it took us a long time to be seated, the food came really fast. We brought a cheesecake home and ate it with a birthday candle for Mom's birthday. Mom was really happy.
Today is Mom and Dad's anniversary, so we gave out nice cards. I gave my card yesterday, so Dad gave Mom her card today. She was so happy with it!
I'm having a great, rainy weekend!

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