October 18, 2010


Does anyone know about the Dutchess County Fair? Then you should know about the Sheep and Wool Festival! They hold it once a year, at the Dutchess County Fair fairgrounds, and it is all about sheep, wool, llamas, goats, alpacas, and, above all, KNITTING!!! The Sheep and Wool Festival is a knitting heaven!!

Alright. I will first talk about the featured breed, or at least show you a picture. This years featured breed of sheep is.....
 ...The American Oxford!!!

Alright, now that you know that, I MUST tell you about the Leapin' Llama Contest. During the Leapin' Llama contest, llamas and alpacas compete for the hightest and farthest jump. Is it a fast paced competition? Not at all!! A lot of alpacas REFUSED to go over the bar!! It was so funny to watch the owners pushing and pulling, ans even hopping up and down, to try to get them motivated. LOL!!
Pictures will be posted up as soon as they are avalible.

Next, let me just tell you... WHOA!! There were SOOOO many shops!!! It was like, at least ten!! I got some really cool softish yarn that is pink to knit, and a special glass thing that you can put through your sweater or scarf (knitted, of course.) to hold it up or pin something into place. Oh, and also, I got a glass button, red and shiny, a toy alpaca, and the softest teddy bear in the history of all teddy bears that the world has seen. OMG that guy is SOFT!!!!
My mom got some nice black knitting needles, and two rolls of blue yarn. Oh, and a special thing to roll the yarn into balls. You know when you buy yarn, it comes in theese large strands that need to be rolled up into balls of yarn? Well, my mom bought the thing that rolls them. You hang the strands on a sort of circle, and turn a sort of lever around and around, and POOF!! It's all rolled up!!
Oh, and my dad? He did not buy knitting things. As you probably guessed, my dad is not the type of dad to pick up a pair of knittig needles every night. So what did he buy? Cheese!!

More to tell... check it out often for new updates. Also, know that pictures will be on as soon as possible.
Bye for now,
This is one of the sheep I saw.

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