October 28, 2010

Trip to a CITY Farm!!!

Today, I went to a farm as a school trip. But it was a farm in the CITY!!! And not only that, but the farm is on the top of a building!!! It's a ROOF farm!!! and it was totally awesome!!!
First, when we got there, our tour guide explained how the mounds of earth where the plants grow stay UP when it rains or snows really hard. Turns out, they can grow certian kinds of plants that the roots are so strong, the mounds hold together. Cool, huh?
Then we went and looked at the peas. Our tour guide said we can eat anything off the pea plant-the peas themselves, but also the flower and leaf, petals and all. WOW! I still don't like snap peas, but that is cool!!
They also had two huge compost bins, and bees, and sombody saw a ladybug. And at the end, our tour guide showed us little SUPER spicey red pepper. I don't like spicey stuff, and I don't like peppers so I made my mom try it instead. She said that just putting on her tongue made it BURN!!!
Well, I had a lot of fun on this trip. I hope every trip is just as fun.

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