December 30, 2010

The Awesome Snowstorm!!!!!

OMG!!!!!! I have just had the BEST weekend EVER!!!! Of course, there was the snowstorm. But I had a lot more than a snowstorm on my mind.
On the day of the snowstorm, my cousins came over. They are my cousins Angel and Idalis, and my aunt Kewy (prononced kiwi) and my uncle Pedro. They even brought their dog Nina, who is a Bichon Frise, the best breed of dog in the history of the universe!!!!!!
As the snowstorm got worse, I knew my cousins were going to have to stay at my house, but I never thought they would have to stay over for 2 nights and 3 days!! The only time we have been together more was when, like, half of my whole family went to Columbia for a giant family reunion.
This is me,  Angel, Idalis, and Nina, the dog.
Idalis was really happy staying over. She was like the only one who wanted to stay, for, like, a WEEK or something. But, still, I don't blame my cousin Angel for wanting to go back home, because we got the family a Kinect for Christmas and I bet Angel wanted to try it out. I guess Kewy was having a good time. She treats Nina like a princess, even though Nina had 3... well... PROBLEMS. And Pedro was DYING to get back to his house.
OH YEAH!!! This was a blessing from Mother Nature, I think!!! I LOVE spending time with family! Best snowstorm EVER!!!!!

This is our family dinner, with Idalis on the far left, Kewy on the
right next to her, and Angel after that. My parents are the ones standing
and Pedro is sitting to the right of them. And I'm the one with one closed eye- oops!


  1. gabby!

    i love your blog. keep up the great work.


  2. Jason says:
    I am really glad the snowstorm struck New York City because I got to play in the snow.