February 22, 2011

Smuggler's Notch Day #2

Today, I had a really annoying sore throat. I think I'm starting to get sick. It's actually kind of hard to swallow anything, and my mom is giving me these really terrible pills. They did NOT help.
Even though I started to get sick, (maybe) I still went to ski school, and the most terrible thing happened. We were going on the trail LOG JAM when one of our classmates, Ben, fell down. I thought he would just get up, but he didn't. Our teacher told the rest of our class to go down the hill. We waited at the base of the hill for nearly 20 minutes. I was really worried. Finally, a couple of people came skiing down the hill, and one of them was pulling a stretcher. And on that stretcher, with his eyes closed, was Ben. I felt really sad for Ben. Later I heard my teacher say that Ben might have had a concussion and that he might have broken his leg. I hope Ben is okay.
Later on, Dad, Alexander, and I went to the Fun Zone, and we were totally ripped off. We played a video game where we had to spin a wheel and try to win the, "Big 1,000 Ticket Bonus" Most of the time, the best we could do was 75 tickets, the worst thing we could get was 4 tickets, and they were charging a dollar a pop. And we were totally ripped off when we cashed in our tickets to win a prize. I got a teeny tiny rubber ducky. A RUBBER DUCKY!!! Alexander was luckier. He got a mini skateboard with aliens on it. LUCKY DUCKY.

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