February 25, 2011

Smuggler's Notch Day #5

Today I finally got better from my sore throat! I'm VERY happy about that. I can actually eat without the food hurting my throat, and I've had a great day besides.
 I didn't go to all-day ski group lessons, but I went to an hour-and-a-half ski camp with Alexander. I liked the new teacher a lot- she was defiantly very funny. I fell down only once, but that's because it snowed SOOOOOOO much today. It snowed so much that there was no ice and all the snow was very thick. There were bumps and lumps and mumps of snow everywhere, and it was so uneven that it was hard to stay up on my feet/skis, so it was okay.
 My parents picked Alexander and I up nearly 30 minutes late, and I was so mad at them. It was because my mom had fallen on the mountain and, "Lay sprawled there like a frog" said Dad. It took 10 minutes for Dad to get Mom back on her feet with both skis on, and Mom couldn't go very fast, so Alexander and I were stuck at the bottom of the hill waiting for them. LAME.
When they did pick us up (at last!) my dad, Alexander, and I went up for another run on Madonna, and I thought that I was going to freeze to death. Oh, my poor thumbs hurt so much! And it took us such a long time to get down. I guess Alexander and I complained A LITTLE, because Dad sad, "Your'e such wusses that you can't even keep your mouth shut." But I knew he was just kidding, because he gave me hand warmers and hugged my fingers. I was so thankful when I finally reached the condo and I could just plop onto the sofa. Now, I'm just happy that I'm going to go to the pool soon and that I'm going to have some cheesecake.

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